11 Quick and Effective Facial Hair Removal Methods For Women

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None of us can enjoy hair-free facial skin. As facial hair grows naturally, all women experience them – even the cool celebs too. Well, we are hairy humans, and having hair on the skin or face is nothing to be ashamed of.

It is true that sometimes facial hair looks annoying and kills your overall appearance. But thanks to the skin and beauty experts, bringing us the potential ways to get rid of this awful condition.

Remember that if you are experiencing excessive facial hair, you better seek medical advice from professionals as it may be a symptom of other underlying conditions. Otherwise, join us in this comprehensive guide, where we discuss quick and effective facial hair removal methods.

Facial Hair Removal Methods For Women

Below are some most quick, effective, and proven ways to remove unwanted hair from the face or skin. Read out the methods carefully and then start applying the best that suits you:

1.       Dermaplanning

Dermaplanning is considered the best and most effective method to remove peach fuzz hair – also referred to as vellus hair. The process makes your skin super smooth and soft. This facial hair removal process exfoliates your skin moderately.

Depending on how quickly your facial hair grows again, you need to repeat the dermaplanning process every three to four weeks. Women have both options, i.e., professionally done dermaplanning from skincare professionals and doing it by themselves at home. In the case, you want to do it by yourself, ensure that you use a sterilized dermaplanning tool.

2.       Shaving

Shaving is the quickest and most commonly followed method to remove facial hair. The shaving method is quite similar to dermaplanning. The process typically uses an ordinary razor having two to four blades compared to a single sharp blade. Compared to dermaplanning, the shaving process does not get quite as close to the skin. Shaving your face to remove unwanted hair is considered a painless method – lasting a few days before your facial hair starts growing and appearing on the skin again.

Although the process is simple and painless, it comes with a downside. For example, if the blade is dull, or you do not have the best practice to shave your facial hair, you may experience ingrown hairs. The best suggestion is to use a brand-new razor. While shaving keep your skin stretched and use razor in a downward motion.

3.       Waxing

Waxing is another quick and effective way to remove your unwanted facial hair. The process involves applying cold or warm wax to the face or skin. Then you quickly remove the wax along with unwanted facial hair.

Women who want to remove hair through waxing are advised to apply wax in the desired areas. Then place a strip or cloth on the top. Now, swiftly pull the wax against the direction of hair growth. The process pulls the hair from the root, allowing you to get the experience of smoother skin. The result lasts for an extended period compared to shaving.

Factors to consider for facial wax may include following proper techniques, using a suitable product or wax, and considering skin sensitivity. It helps you achieve effective facial hair removal while minimizing discomfort.

4.       Sugaring

Women who are looking for a less painful technique that is gentler to the skin compared to waxing might consider sugaring. Normally, sugaring is of two types, including gel and paste. Both types consist of natural ingredients, including sugar, water, and lemon juice. Both types of sugaring may leave your facial skin hair-free for up to six weeks.

The esthetician and founder of Cheeks+Co, Christina Uzzardi reveals that sugaring paste or gel is applied and removed in the direction your hair grows. Women who want to maintain the results must do it once every four to five weeks. As the process feels more natural, less painful, and minimizes the risk of burning, it is recommended by a lot of women.

5.       Sugar waxing

Sugar waxing is a hair removal treatment method, grabbing hair from the root, rather than the surface of the skin. The results of sugar waxing last about three weeks.

Natali Ismiel, a brand ambassador of Nad’s Hair Removal, explains that sugar waxing is sometimes muddled with body sugaring, but these are different things. Body sugaring is popular at the salon level. However, it is not as great as DIY waxing. The reason behind it is that it is messier and harder to apply. She further explains that sugar waxing, compared to using wax strips, allows women to cover a larger area and target more areas specifically.

6.       Laser hair removal

The laser hair removal technique is different from the rest of the discussed techniques as it offers long-lasting results. Initially, the process is costly and takes more time. But, as the treatment sequences, the upkeep is almost zero.

Uzzardi explains that to target and remove melanin in the follicle of hair, fast laser pulses are being used. They damage the follicle, preventing further growth of hair after attempting a series of treatments. Experts recommend getting laser hair removal only from licensed professionals, minimizing the risks and maximizing the results.

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7.       Tweezing

Among the most common, easiest, and cheapest facial hair removal methods, tweezing is at the top of the discussion. The process is considered the go-to way, to keep your eyebrows restrained. What you need to do is choose the best tweezer and learn carefully how to remove facial hair effectively to get maximum results.

8.       Hair removal creams

Using facial hair removal creams is the most effective way to break down hair and wipe it off easily with just a warm towel. The entire process of removing unwanted hair from the skin or face through creams takes anywhere from five to ten minutes. This duration may also depend on the product’s formula and the hair texture.

The decision to choose the hair removal cream or product is crucial as some hair removal products may contain harsh chemicals that can burn your skin. You better consult your skincare professional or any other experts to choose the right product that aligns with your skin tone.

9.       Threading

Threading is considered an ancient hair removal technique, using a thread to remove facial hair and precise or shape your eyebrows. This is a quick process that takes several minutes – does not require chemical treatment and is generally a less expensive method.

Threading helps remove the facial hair not only from the skin surface but also from the roots. The method is effective enough that may leave long-lasting results of up to six weeks. However, the rule of thumb for threading is that when you feel hairs, apply threading to remove them.

10.     Epilation

Just like threading, epilation eliminates the hairs from the root, rather than the visible surface of your skin. Instead of threads, epilation is a device comprised of hundreds of tweezers working in the cycle. As epilation removes hair from the root, the results last longer compared to other methods, including waxing, shaving, or sugaring.

Lozina – an expert says that using an epilator continuously eliminates the unwanted facial hair from roots, reducing the chances of hair regrowth. The process also makes the facial hair finer, softer, and less abundant.

11.     Electrolysis session

Electrolysis is also known as a lesser hair removal process but it comes with permanent facial hair removal solutions. Lozina explains electrolysis session works by utilizing a tinny needle inserted into the hair follicle. Through this needle, an electric current is sent to the root of the hair follicle papilla.

The follicle lining is burnt by the process so that the hair can never regrow. The technique is amazing because it works for all types of hair – whether they are thin or blond. She recommends choosing a highly professional or skilled organization or person to minimize the potential for scarring and experiencing supreme advantages.

The closing statement

Hair growth on your face is a natural process so you can never evade it. However, the skincare professionals or inventions in technological trends have brought so many ways to get rid of these unwanted facial hairs to get bright, smooth, and vigilant skin. Ever wonder how to remove facial hair? Try out any of the mentioned techniques according to your suitability and experience the new you.

Facial hair removing: FAQs

1.       How long does the result of facial hair removal last?

The time for hair to regrow depends upon the method you use to remove your facial hair. After shaving hair starts regrowing after a few hours. Threading, epilation, and sugaring may take several weeks. However, using laser treatment may offer longer or permanent results.

2.       How can I permanently remove facial hair?

Electrolysis is a process that may result in a permanent hair removal solution. It is considered the only effective method to get rid of your facial hair permanently.

3.       Is it OK for women to remove facial hair?

Removing facial hair is a cosmetic decision. However, in some rare cases, it can be medically necessary, such as in hirsutism. Experts revealed that removing facial hair is not harmful as long as you do it safely or have it done by professionals.

4.       How effective the facial hair removal creams are?

Hair removal creams are effective enough to remove unwanted hairs from your face immediately. However, they do not remove hairs from the root but are structurally unstable the hairs. So, users can expect faster regrowth of hair compared to waxing and threading but slowing compared to shaving.

5.       Is it safe to use a laser for facial hair removal?

Normally, using a laser to remove facial hair is considered a safe process. However, experts suggest getting laser treatment only from highly skilled or professionals to lessen any risks or maximize the results.

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