50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Parents to Make Their Day Memorable

50th birthday gift ideas
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Are you looking to gift your parents something special on their 50th birthday but wondering what to choose? Fret not, as we’ve got you covered here! Explore the best 50th birthday gift ideas for your parents to make them happy.

If your parents are turning 50, it will be a special occasion for you as your parents are going to complete their half-century in this world. The 50th birthday of your parents is the best occasion to show how important your parents are to you and how much you love them.

Arranging a birthday party and gifting them something unique is a part of the celebrations. As your parents have done a lot for you, they deserve to have some gratitude from you in return and the best way to pay gratitude to your parents is to make their 50th birthday memorable.

50th birthday gift ideas for both Mom and Dad

Here we have enlisted the best birthday gift ideas that are common for both of your parents, Mom and Dad. If you are going to celebrate your parent’s birthday on the same day, these parent’s birthday gift ideas can be excellent choices for you!

1. Birthday card

The most common and affordable thing, a person can gift to his parents is a 50th birthday card. Birthday cards with words, expressing your love to your parents manifests how much valuable your parents are to you.

Birthday cards should have a theme, related to your mother if you are gifting it to your mum whereas they should have a theme related to your father if you are gifting it to your dad and should have a theme and colors accordingly.

2. Birthday party

Celebrations without arranging parties are not celebrations. To celebrate a birthday, it is necessary to arrange a decent birthday party. A 50th birthday is an event that should be made unforgettable. Therefore, birthday parties on 50th birthday can be arranged in different ways.

You can give your parents a Hi-Tea-themed birthday party, A picnic birthday party, A classic-themed birthday party, or A dinner-themed birthday party. These birthday parties should have other activities along with cake cutting and gifts.

3. Arrange a dinner

You can arrange a dinner for your mum and dad. Book a dinner party for them on their big day in a decent restaurant, where you can order their favorite dishes and make their day special by clicking memorable pictures.

4. Organize a vacation trip

Parents are busy and sacrifice their happiness for the sake of the happiness of their children. They don’t arrange vacation trips for themselves and work extra hours to meet every need of their child.

So, organizing a vacation trip can be among the great 50th birthday gift ideas for your parents. If you can afford any foreign trip then go for it. Otherwise, you can arrange a vacation trip within your country so that your parents can have their valuable time off and enjoy the occasion of their 50th birthday.

5. Photo montage

A collection of your photos with your mum or dad in the form of a montage is one of the good options to gift your parents. This montage should include all the memorable events they celebrated and captured together.

This can also include the favorite quote of your mum or dad or should have a famous line or phrase your mum or dad frequently speak in the home. This montage should be sentimental and show your mum or dad how much she or he is worthy of you.

50th Birthday gift ideas for Mom

Discover the best 50th birthday gift ideas for mothers. These may not be as beautiful as a mother is, but these ideas will surely help you bring a smile to your mother’s face:

1. Skincare basket

If you care about the skin health of your mum, a Skincare basket is a good option for you to gift her on her 50th birthday. This basket should include all the items related to skin care & beauty products, like different skin care serums, facial creams, manicure and pedicure kits, moisturizers, and aloe vera gel. This skincare basket would be beneficial for your mother’s skin health as it allows her to look decent and enhance her personality even at this mature age.

2. Jewelry

Women are fond of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. On the 50th birthday of your mother, you can gift beautiful jewelry to your mother which shows your choice for mother.

A customized heart-shaped necklace with “the best mom” written on it would be a good choice. If she already has a necklace, you can gift her matching earrings and a bracelet.

The jewelry should be according to your mother’s taste and should be made up of good quality material. Try to purchase simpler jewelry to gift your mother because most of the women at the age of 50 like the simpler things.

3. Perfume and Scents

Women love perfumes and scents. Therefore, gifting perfumes and scents is a good option for your mum on her 50th birthday. These scents should be according to the taste of your mother and should have a pleasant impact on her mood after applying them to her clothes.

4. Book her a spa date

Your mum doesn’t have time for herself because of her daily busy routine to fulfill our requirements. On her 50th birthday, you can book a spa treatment for her to treat her with pampering and loving care. It is the way to rejuvenate your mum with massage, manicure, pedicure, and facial. This will relax her and make her feel better.

5. 50th birthday floral pillow

For the health and well-being of your mother, she must have complete sleep. Gifting your mum a rectangular feather pillow, customized with some message, expressing your love to your mother, your mother’s favorite quote, or some pictures of memorable moments you had with your mother on her 50th birthday will be a good choice. It should be of high quality, plain with beautiful motifs on it, and should have an invisible zip to wash its case. It should be soft, easy to wash, and supportive.

6. A pretty dress

If you are searching for the best birthday gift ideas that your mother can use time and again and that can last for a long, you should consider a pretty dress. Because dress is something which can be used again and again.

Whenever your mother wears a dress gifted by you, that dress will remind her of you. This dress should be comfortable, and soft and should be according to the preference of your mother.

7. A memorable picture 

You can frame a memorable picture or photo montage for your mum on her 50th birthday, depicting her memories with you or your father. You can also gift your mum 3D crystal pictures with personalized engravings.

8. Personalized scented candles

Scented candles with a personalized message written on it is a good option to gift your mum on her golden birthday. These scented candles may include soy candles in beautiful colors with a monogrammed message on them for your mum can be the best choice. These candles can be a gesture of thanking her as she had gone through a lot to bring you into this world and raise you with all that she had. These personalized candles should be in a container that can be used again and again.

9. Beautiful LED lamp

What if your mother is getting 50 and you gift her a beautiful lamp, which she could use inside her room for dim light? These LED bulbs should be customized and should be in beautiful shapes.

LED bulbs may have the shape of the moon, a funny message for Mum, or can have a personalized monogram on it. It should have 3D designs and should be simple to use.

These beautiful LED lamps indicate how much your mother is valuable to you and she should be proud of her child, whom she has groomed in a well-mannered way.

10. A cute blanket

As the age of someone gets advanced, he or she starts acting like a child. At the mature age of 50, a person has gained a lot of experience and has passed through so much that he doesn’t have as good health as he had before.

The same is the case with our mothers when we were children, they did their best to bring us up but now, they have gone through so much that they act like a child whereas we act like an adult who has to take care of our mums just like she did in our childhood.

One can consider a cute polyester blanket with a thank you note with a smooth and soft surface. This blanket would make her cozy and comfortable.

50th Birthday gift ideas for Dad

Do you want to celebrate your dad’s birthday by giving him a special gift, here we come with the amazing 50th birthday gift ideas for fathers that your father will definitely love to have on his 50th birthday:

1. Cool T-shirt

If your dad loves to dress up casually, then you can consider a cool personalized T-shirt to gift to your father. These T-shirts should be in his favorite color and should have a cool message on them. The T-shirts should be comfortable and made up of premium quality stuff. You can also consider gifting your dad cool sunglasses or jeans pants with this cool T-shirt.

2. Beautiful Tie

If your father is fond of formal suits and his wardrobe includes formal dresses, you can consider giving him a set of ties, made up of premium quality stuff, which he could consider to use with his clothes.

3. Beautiful cuff links

In daily routine, a man does not have time to tie the buttons of his shirt’s cuffs. Therefore, you can gift your dad, beautiful cuff links so that he can put those cuff links in his pockets and tie his cuffs whenever he wants. These cuff links should made of high-quality steel so that these don’t affect the clothes of your father.

4. Stainless steel quartz watch

A stainless-steel quartz watch will be a good option to gift your father on his 50th birthday. This watch would be expensive but not more expensive than the time, your father spent raising you. You can also gift your father a wooden watch but it would promote deforestation. Therefore, it should be avoided to gift such items, which affects the climate.

5. Beautiful Mugs

Mugs are used in our daily life. Are you tight with budget but looking for some 50th birthday gift ideas for your dad that are reasonable in price but are amazing enough to make your dad smiling and happy? You can consider a beautiful mug with a personalized message or photo printed on it. This mug should be in charming colors and should be dishwasher or microwave-safe. Your dad would love this gift and would remember you whenever he has a cup of tea or coffee in it.

6. Beautiful wall art

A wall art is a unique gift, which you can give to your father on his 50th birthday. This wall art should be in a rendered form of anything, your father is passionate about. This wall art includes your father’s name, any message, or any 3D model. This will bring happiness to your father’s face whenever he looks at this art, installed on his room’s wall.

7. Handmade mini sculptures

If your dad loves art pieces and is fond of collecting different artworks, then handmade sculptures are a good choice to consider to gift him on his 50th birthday. These sculptures could be in the shape of bikes, gramophones, statues, animals, or abstract shapes.

8. Neck massager

If your father does a stressful job which makes him hectic, and if you are planning to gift him something on her 50th birthday, what else would be better than a neck massager? A neck massager would help your father to relax the muscles of his neck and your father doesn’t need to go to a massage center. This will show how much you care about your father’s health.

9. Luxury fountain pen

Everyone needs a pen all the time, so one can consider gifting a beautiful stylish pen to his dad on his 50th birthday. It is an item, which is frequently used again and again. The luxury fountain pens are available in different colors and designs and they are very smooth and easy to use. While purchasing a fountain pen, one should pay gratitude to his father and should customize this pen with a beautiful message on it.

10. Beard grooming and trimming kit

As a man gets older, he doesn’t get groomed himself just like he used to do in his youth. Therefore, a beard grooming and trimming kit is one of the good gifts you can consider to give to your dad on his 50th birthday.

This grooming and trimming kit should include 5 to 6 items which include scissors, beard oil, beard balm, comb, brush, and beard softener. You should know the benefits and uses of these things to explain to your dad so that he invests some of his time in grooming himself.

11. Personalized golf ball

If your dad is fond of golf and has a collection of golf kits, what else would be better than a golf ball with a personalized message on it to gift to your father? Your dad, whenever play golf with this ball, would remember that these balls are gifted by you. He would feel how worthy he is to you. These golf balls come in sets of 6 and 12 and each ball contains a different message on it.


The 50th birthday of your parents is the best occasion to pay gratitude to your parents. By arranging the party and giving them gifts, you can make this day of your parents memorable. Parents do not demand expensive or valuable things but still, you should gift the best thing to make them feel special. We hope you will like the given 50th birthday gift ideas, helping you choose the best things that can bring smiles and happiness to your parents on their biggest day of life.

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