60th Birthday Gift Ideas to Show Love for Your Family

60th birthday gift ideas
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Birthdays are the special occasion on which several people celebrate to have another beautiful year in their lives but the 60th birthday is something special. In this article, we are going to discuss the 60th birthday gift ideas, which you can give to your parents or family.

Elders always make the environment of the house excited and without them, the house seems to be a ghost house. Therefore, one of the best ways to be grateful for having elders in the home is to make them happy and make their birthdays as special as someone can. On the 60th birthday of elders, it is necessary to entertain them with beautiful and cute gifts just like them.

Are you about to celebrate your parents or spouse’s 60th birthday very soon and you are planning to surprise your loved ones with their 60th birthday gift? this article is specifically for you in which you will get several ideas regarding unique gifts to make your loved ones happy on their 60th birthday.

Importance of 60th birthday gift ideas

Every birthday has its importance but the 60th birthday is way more special than other birthdays because it makes the people remember the past experiences of their lives. They remember all their good and bad experiences in life.

The way they acted in childhood, their achievements, their successes and failures, their love affairs, the specific ones they cried for, the moment they got married, their experience regarding parenthood, the tours they made, the struggle they made for their family, every moment comes in front of their eyes just like a movie. Therefore, this birthday is worth celebrating.

60th birthday gift ideas for mom

Mom is the most beautiful thing in our houses. The home is cherished due to the presence of our mothers. The 60th birthday of mothers is the most special occasion. It makes the mothers to be special.

The unique gifts, which someone can give to her mother on her 60th birthday should be planned in such a way that it should be meaningful and according to the mother’s likeliness. The gift is not necessary to be expensive but it should be elegant and classy. If you are thinking about what to gift your mother on her 60th birthday, you are in the right place.

1. Spa

One can arrange a spa time for one’s mother. This would allow her to be free from her normal busy routine and have some relaxation and beauty treatments at the spa.

Treatments like manicures, pedicures, body massages, and facials make her fresh and it is the best way to show that just like she cares for everyone at home, she also needs care and pampering. This would be a considerable gift for a mother which makes her feel that she matters to her family.

2. Jewelry

One can gift one’s mother jewelry on her 60th birthday which should reflect her style and taste. This jewelry may be original or artificial.

The design, color, and style of the jewelry should be according to the personality of the mother, who is celebrating her 60th birthday. Within jewelry, one can gift one’s mother a necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

This would be an unforgettable memory and whenever she wore that jewelry, she would get nostalgic and would remember her 60th birthday. This jewelry will always produce a sentimental feeling within mothers and she would think herself worthy.

3. Photo Album

Gifting a photo album to a mother can be one of the amazing 60th birthday gift ideas for a mom. This photo album should include all the pictures that reflect the success, achievements, and happy moments. This would bring the mother, celebrating her 60th birthday into the past and she would remember all the cherished moments, she had in her life of 60 years.

This photo album should be decorated with ribbons, laces, and decorative papers and it should include pictures related to weddings, motherhood, hobbies, and cherished moments with her husband and her children.

4. Surprise Party

One of the best ways to feel someone special is to arrange for him/her a surprise party. On Mother’s 60th birthday, one of the best gifts is to arrange a surprise party for her.

A surprise party should be arranged in an organized manner and the mother’s friends should be invited to that party. Specific activities should be performed which all the old cute guests love. Different games like scavenger hunts or charades and karaoke singing should be arranged and followed by birthday speeches, cake cutting, and gift-giving moments.

This would be more meaningful if all the moments in the surprise party were captured in the form of pictures and videos.

5. Massage Gun

A lot of women, have to face degenerative changes in old age. Due to hormonal changes, several changes occur inside the female’s body. Therefore, females require regular massage.

For massage, the female cannot go to the spa every day. Therefore, for a mother, a massage gun would be a perfect gift on her 60th birthday. This massage gun should be good in quality and should be comfortable and reliable.

6. Dresses and Shoes

For mom, on her 60th birthday, one can consider giving her a pretty dress and matching shoes. This dress and shoes should according to the mother’s taste no matter what if she is 60 years old, if she likes fancy and stylish things, she should be gifted with these things.

These dresses and shoes would be a memory for her and whenever she wears those dresses and shoes, there would be a nostalgic feeling grows in her that these were gifted by her family on her 60th birthday.

7. Perfumes and Scents

Moms should be gifted scents and by putting on her clothes, she could remember her children who gifted her the scent on her 60th birthday. Perfumes and Scents should be soft and according to the mother’s taste.

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60th birthday gift ideas for dad

For a dad, it’s a milestone to see his 60th birthday. A man, who sacrificed all his life for the sake of a good life for his children, and other family members, He deserves to celebrate his 60th birthday with great enthusiasm.

The gift given to Dad on his 60th birthday is somehow cheaper, funny, and cute as compared to those of Mom but they should be meaningful. If you are thinking of gifting your dad something unique and cherished on his 60th birthday, you are at the right place:

1. Tarot cards

For Dad, who has a lot of friends, tarot cards are the best option for his 60th birthday. In old age, when a man is enjoying his retirement, he gets bored due to having no task to do.

Therefore, tarot cards would allow the old man to sit with his friends and enjoy different games playing with tarot cards and pass the pleasure moments with them. Imagine, a group of old people, laughing, kidding, and playing with enthusiasm would be the cutest moments.

2. Golf Kit

What else would be better than a golf kit for an old man turning 60? On weekends, most of the dads love to play golf in golf clubs. Therefore, a new golf kit would make them full of zest to play golf with more enthusiasm. This golf kit would be memorable for your dad and it would always make him feel young.

3. Fishing Kit

One could gift one’s father a fishing kit on her 60th birthday. For those, who love to fish, a fishing rod would be the best gift. Fishing is an activity that requires a lot of patience.

Whereas the capability of tolerance and patience is reduced in old age, still most old people love to practice their patience through activities like fishing. Therefore, a fishing kit is the best option for children to gift their father on his 60th birthday.

4. Video games

Several old people get too attached to their grandchildren and love to spend most time with their grandchildren. A lot of differences are present between the generation of old age people and present children but one thing is common and that is having fun while playing video games.

Several old games like Super Mario, Snow Bros, and Street Fighters series are the best among the present old generation. Therefore, for a father who is going to celebrate his 60th birthday, Video Games and PlayStation would be one of the best gift ideas to be considered.

5. Planning a trip for Dad on his 60th birthday

Planning a trip can be one of the excellent 60th birthday gift ideas for Dad. Therefore, arranging a world trip for Dad would be a unique idea to gift him on his birthday.

There are a lot of places in the world. Your dad can visit several countries in Europe on a Schengen visa. A visit to Dubai would also be a great choice where lavishness and luxury could be enjoyed at cheaper rates. Otherwise, you can ask your father what places he wants to visit, then arrange a trip for him accordingly.

60th birthday gift ideas for spouse

The 60th birthday of a spouse is special because people live together for several years in a beautiful bond of marriage. This will create a relationship of intimacy and respect between them. If one of them is going to celebrate his or her 60th birthday, the other will try hard to make it special. There are several unique 60th birthday gift ideas for spouses to consider:

1. Flower bouquet

The spouses should give each other flowers every day which would make them feel special to each other but the flowers gifted on specific occasions have their importance.

Gifting a flower bouquet is a good idea for people on the 60th birthday of their spouse. This will increase the level of love and respect of spouses for each other.

2. Candlelight Dinner

One of the best ideas for someone is to arrange a candlelight dinner for his or her spouse who is going to complete his or her 60 years in this world. Candlelight dinner would bring both husband and wife closer to each other and would deepen their relationship.

Candlelight is a Unique idea as it would be a romantic dinner, where both husband and wife would enjoy their food with no one around them. This will allow them both to enjoy each other’s company and have their private space and time.

3. Apparel, accessories, and Perfumes

Spouses can gift clothes, jewelry, shoes, and scents to each other on their respective 60th birthday. This will make the heart of the one, who is turning 60, cherished and happy.

A wife can gift her husband suits while a husband can gift his wife a pretty dress. These clothes, which are being gifted should be according to the personality and taste of the spouse.

Similarly, both spouses can gift each other jewelry. This jewelry would act like a memory. A wife can gift her husband a beautiful ring while a husband has a wide range to gift his wife from rings to necklaces and from bracelets to earrings. Therefore, while planning a gift for a spouse, one should consider jewelry as well.

4. Birthday cards and books

Spouses can gift each other, birthday cards with wishes written on them on their 60th birthday. This will show how a person has sentiments for his or her spouses. Birthday cards should be chosen in the favorite color of one’s spouse

As well as this, gifting a collection of favorite books and best sellers can also be one of the wonderful 60th birthday gift ideas for spouse, especially when your spouse is near to literature. Also, remember that the gifted books should also be according to the spouse’s taste.


A 60th birthday is a unique event, which usually appears once in someone’s life and should be celebrated memorably. To make it more enjoyable and memorable, you must find the best 60th birthday gift ideas. On this occasion, family members give gifts to their loved ones. Children should gift their mom and dad decent gifts which should include surprises like surprise parties or spa appointments etc.

On the other hand, Dad should be gifted different kits like fishing kits or golf kits on his 60th birthday. Furthermore, spouses can also gift each other by passing their time with each other and arranging flower bouquets and candlelight dinners.

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