Fade Haircut: Everything You Need To Know About It

fade haircut

Haircut defines the style and personality of a person. A man must have a defined haircut to stay within society and adopt a fashion sense to be accepted by the people.

The trend of haircut changes in every era. Pompadours were common in the 1950s, similarly long locks were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. The trend of fade haircut increased in the 2010s and, still this hairstyle is in fashion.

In the 1950s and 1960s, this haircut was mandatory in the US military after that, this haircut became popular in black and Hispanic barber shops, and in the 90s, this haircut became a fashion trend throughout the US.

If you wish to adopt the stylish and trending fade haircut fashion, this article will provide you with everything you need to know about fade hairstyles.

What is a Fade Hairstyle?

Some people consider a fade haircut is an individual style while others consider it as a part of other haircuts. But mostly, the fade hairstyle is considered to be a separate hairstyle, which can be combined with many other popular and best hairstyles.

The fade hairstyle is defined as a Hairstyle, which is a transition of lengths and color on the sides and back of the head. Fade hairstyle is a gradual transition from dense to sparse hair.

On the base of the level and extent of transition, fade hairstyle is classified into several types, which include low, medium, high, taper, and skin fade hairstyles.

Difference between Fade hairstyle and Taper Hairstyle

Mistakenly, fade and taper hairstyle is considered to be the same sort of hairstyle but there is one main difference between these hairstyles. Both of these hairstyle transition from dense to short but the taper hairstyle is always long while the fade hairstyle is always short, closer to becoming bald.

Is a faded hairstyle suitable for you? 

Before going to a barber’s shop and asking him to make your haircut fade, must know that either this sort of haircut is suitable for you or not. Here, you are about to know whether it is appropriate for you to have a faded hairstyle or not.

Usually, the faded hairstyle is suitable for every sort of hair. It doesn’t matter if you have curly hair or straight silky hair, the faded haircut will always suit your head. A faded haircut will always brighten your personality and increase the smoothness and perfection of your looks.

In contrast to hair type, the faded hairstyle doesn’t suit every face. It sits on square, heart, round, and oval-shaped faces. If you have a long face, you should consider some other sort of hairstyle.

Types of Fade Haircuts

There are several types of fade hairstyles in fashion nowadays which are considered according to the suitability of one’s personality. For defining the different fade hairstyles, the head is divided into 3 segments:

1. Low Fade Hairstyle

fade haircut
Image source: menshaircuts.com

In the low fade haircut, the 1/3 at the lowest of the head is faded with the length of hair getting increased, if we started moving upward to the crown. In low fade hairstyle, the fade is present only above the ears and the base of the head above the neck.

2. Medium Fade Haircut

fade haircut
Image Source: menshairstylestoday

The medium haircut is presented to be faded up to the middle of the head. We can say that 2/3rd of the head is faded. Hair starts tapering at back and sides and gets long after crossing the middle of the head as we reach the crown of the head.

3. High Fade Haircut

latest mens hairstyles
Image Source: @ayan_hairstyle (instagram)

The 3/3rd or highest point fade, which starts at the level of the parietal region, parallel to the forehead, and exposes more heads without hair is defined as the high fade hairstyle. The high fade haircut is usually paired with Afro-Asian hairstyles. This hairstyle is harsh instead of smooth because hair gets tapered with instant long hairs instead of a gradual increase in length.

4. Drop Fade Haircut

fade haircuts
Image Source: menshairstylestoday

The drop fade hairstyle is represented by an invisible line around both the back and side of the ears resulting in the formation of an arc just above the ears, down to the back of the neck, and adds a neat and clean hairline.

5. Skin Fade Haircut

mens hairstyles
Image Source: menshairstylestoday

Skin fade is a type of fade in which the hairs are shaved completely as on bald just above the back of the neck and ears. Skin fade haircut is an option for those people who want their hair to be very small.

6. Taper Fade Haircut

fade cut hairstyles
Image source: menshaircuts.com

The taper fade haircut is a sort of fade that is made not only by using clippers completely but by using clippers at the lowest of the head and ears and moving upward by cutting hair with scissors. These are the least harsh than other types of fade hairstyles and have a transition of long hair.

7. Burst Fade Haircut

trending haircuts
Image Source: mensflair

The burst fade haircut is similar to the drop fade but the focus in this fade is effort around the ears, providing a fauxhawk look, similar to the sun, showing its sunshine from the ear.

Other haircuts paired with Fade Hairstyle

Fade haircut is an all-rounder, which can be paired with any other type of haircut to expand the horizon of fashion and to put new innovation within the style of haircuts.

1. Crop Fade Haircut

This sort of haircut is paired with low fade and mid-fade hairstyles and it includes either longer fringe or shorter fringe, depending on where the hairline sets.

2. Pompadour Fade Haircut

This haircut is paired with low, mid, and taper fade haircut and the hair at the crown is left longer with shorter back and sides.

3. Side Parting Fade Haircut

Paired easily with mid to high fade faircut, this hairstyle can be less harsh as compared to the other haircuts.

4. Buzz Fade Haircut

This haircut includes a number zero fade at the back and sides of the head with slightly longer hair at the top. Buzz Haircut is usually worn in high to mid fade and usually is not done at home, instead, it is necessary to have this haircut from a barber.

5. Quiff Fade Haircut

Classical quiff is usually longer in length however this haircut can also be worn with short fades. This Haircut is messier in appearance and more hair length is present in the front. 

6. Faded Undercut 

This hairstyle is usually done in the mid to high fades and the hair is not left disconnected as compared to other hairstyles.

7. Curly Undercut

Just like the faded undercut, this haircut is also worn in mid to high fades with no hair left disconnected while this hairstyle is done on the curly hair.

8. The Caesar

This haircut is inspired by Julius Caesar in the 1st century BC. This haircut is represented as the same length fades at the back and sides with 0.3 inches to 3 inches high hair.

9. Blow Out

This hairstyle looks great with short, mid and long fades. The contrast of the top and sides makes this hairstyle attractive.

Choosing the expert barber to have a decent fade haircut

It is necessary to have a faded haircut from an expert barber. Either you go to the stylist or barber, that person may not be an expert according to what you demand. Therefore, you should first make him clear what sort of hairstyle you wear, and also it is better to take a reference picture of your barber which would alleviate his comprehension regarding your taste.

Further, before consulting any barber, you must have some knowledge about his work, which is only possible by seeing the barber’s portfolio. For this, social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are the best option where a lot of barbers put their work to show their expertise.

How to ask your barber to have a nice fade haircut

For having a nice haircut, you should tell your demand to your barber comprehensively what sort of haircut you want. You have to clarify which sort of haircut you want and what haircut you usually wear so that he can blend the faded hairstyle with the style that you usually used to have.

You also have to choose the number of clippers. If you are not sure about what number you want the barber to use, first, select the number 2 clipper and if you don’t get the results, you are wishing for, then ask the barber to further reduce the number.

It is also better to bring a reference picture with you to show the barber what sort of fade you want. This picture would make the barber understand about the fashion you like to wear. 

How to maintain fade hairstyle

Experts suggest that to maintain the faded hairstyle, one should visit the barber after every 2 weeks. One can also maintain a faded hairstyle in home by using the tools like clippers, scissors, trimmers and a shave kit. But for this, it is necessary for the one to keep his tools clean with disinfectants like barbicides and clippercides.


A fade haircut is the transition of length and color of hair at the sides and back of the head. This haircut has different types, including low, mid and high fade. Fade hairstyle can be paired with many other hairstyles to innovate the new fashion. It is necessary to maintain the faded hairstyle and for this, it is necessary for a person to visit the barber after 2 weeks. Every barber and stylist has different expertise, therefore, for having a faded haircut, one should provide his barber a reference in the form of a picture.

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