Newborn Photography Ideas to Create Timeless Memories

newborn photography

Newborn photography has been a trend since the last decades of the 20th century. These photographs are usually taken to remind the special moments of the arrival of the baby at home.

Infant photography can be done within the first two weeks after the birth of the baby because, after that, the baby starts growing rapidly and becomes active it is difficult to control the baby and make it ready to pose for the photography.

Newborn photos are a good source to remember the special occasion for the family and it shows the newborn in future about how his family celebrated his arrival into their family.

Hence, if you are looking for ideas for unique baby photography, you are at the right place. Keep reading to learn everything about newborn baby photoshoots:

Importance of newborn photography

When a newborn comes into the house, there is an atmosphere of happiness and joy and these cherished moments should be captured in case to remember some special moments of the birth of newborns.

Parents are excited to the first glimpse at their newborn, therefore, infant photography is a source to capture those moments of excitement forever in the form of pictures.

It is necessary to have these moments captured so that they can be remembered for a long time. Infant photography becomes a long-lasting legacy for a family and also acts as a bridge between a couple’s past and future.

Furthermore, a newborn photoshoot makes a strong bond between couples as when they look at these pictures, they would be happy to have a fruit, they get as a result of their intimacy and love for each other. This will increase their love and respect for each other.

The moments captured with the mother show how much love and care a mother can provide to her newborn. This will also strengthen the bond between child and mother. During the newborn photoshoot, the delightful moments of a mother holding her child in her hands with a smile is an epic demonstration of motherhood and an incredible way of making memories for a mother with her newborn.

Similarly, the moments of fatherhood are also significant. The father holding his baby with a smile demonstrates a spirit of protectiveness and zest for providing the best for his child in the near future.

Two main approaches for newborn photography

1 Natural newborn photography

These photos are usually taken at home with no props and these photos of the baby are taken with family. No traditional poses of babies are made if we use the natural newborn photos approach.

2 Posed newborn photography

In this approach, the baby photoshoot is performed by making different poses. These photos are not family-centric instead these photos include only the baby, whose photoshoot is being done. A wide use of props and toys is used in this approach of photography.

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Choices of location for newborn photography

Newborn photoshoots can be taken in both home and studio. Both of these places have their own importance.

At home, parents can have their sentimental moments with their newborn comfortably and easily. They can pose the way they want without hesitation. Another important reason for a baby photoshoot at home is that the immunity of the baby is weak and there is a chance of infection due to germs outside the home.

The main reason to have an infant photoshoot in the studio is that there, they have all props ready and have a baby-centric environment. Therefore, it’s up to parents which place they would choose for making the memory of their newborn.

Importance of lighting for newborn photography

Lighting is the most important factor in infant photography. Two sorts of lighting can be used in newborn photoshoots. Natural light and artificial light. Natural light is the light of the sun and its position cannot be changed.

On the other hand, artificial light is the light other than the sun and its position can be changed according to the requirement. Usually, photographers can use both of these lights but mostly artificial lights are used.

Lighting can be used in different angles like side angle, from the front and the back. These angles provide beautiful results according to the situation and pose.

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Unique ideas for newborn photography

1. Baby’s first day

The most important and miraculous day in the life of a baby is its first day in this world as he arrives and takes his first breath in this world. Therefore, it’s most important to arrange a baby photoshoot on its first day. This also indicates a hope of life which should always remain in this world.

These pictures are taken in home or hospital rooms by using mobile phones or digital cameras therefore, family members should make the battery of their devices full.

2. Bonding moments with Mum

A woman takes 9 months to bring her child into this world and tolerate a lot of pain, problems, and changes. Bonding moments are the most adorable moments because they manifest love and an unbreakable relationship.

The moments of nurturing and care of a mother to her newborn are adorable and the captured moments always become unforgettable memories. The bonding moments include cuddling, bottle feeding, and rocking. Therefore, these moments can be a good idea in infant photography. It is better to capture such pictures within 2 weeks.

3. Baby with Parents

The feeling of Parenthood is amazing as the addition of a new member in the family provides a cherished sensation and strengthens the bond of intimacy between the parents. 

The best poses for the parents to capture their beautiful moments should be in such a way that they both hold their child in between themselves. Pictures can be captured in this pose from different angles. 

The holding of a baby by smiling parents while the baby is crying would be an adorable moment which must be captured. The pictures captured from above of the parents while holding the child between them would be another sign of gratitude. 

4. Moments with Siblings

When it comes to the newborn photoshoot with its siblings, this would create a great memory for the baby and siblings and it would be a manifestation in the near future of how excited the siblings of the baby were to hold the new member of their family.

Newborn photos with their siblings are done carefully and protectively. The siblings of the newborn, in case they are children, cannot hold the newborn properly. Therefore, parents should always hold the baby and involve their older child to show his/her love for the baby while taking the photo during the photoshoot.

So these sorts of pictures should be taken in bedrooms and in a safe, calm, and quiet environment so that the siblings of the newborn don’t get panic and mishandle the baby. The siblings of the newborn should also pose with the baby while kissing and cuddling it during the newborn photo session.

5. Sleeping

Sleep is the most peaceful moment for everyone. This shows the serenity and tranquillity. The baby photoshoot, while it is sleeping, would be a moment of peace which would be worthy to capture.

Babies mostly pass their time while sleeping. Therefore, newborn photoshoots from different angles can be done in this position most easily. 

6. Yawn and stretches

The cute moment when the baby yawns and stretches is so much adorable that everyone wants to see it yawning and stretching again and again. Yawns and stretches of newborns will increase the charm of the memories of parents when they see these photographs in the future.

It is necessary to make the camera ready to capture this beautiful moment because the yawn of the baby is unpredictable. Baby, when stretches its body, becomes more adorable than any other pose. This pose is also worthy of unique newborn photoshoots.

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7. Parents’ finger in baby’s palm

Baby’s hand, holding the finger of parents’ shows cuteness and depiction of the dependency of a newborn to its parents. This cute moment should be a part of a newborn photoshoot as it provides a moment of love and compassion between parents and newborns.

8. Lying on bed together

Newborns lying on the bed with their family provides a wonderful opportunity for the parents to capture their family moment as the best memory. During this pose, everyone is newborn-centric, looking and smiling. You can capture this pose from different angles.

9. Curled pose

This pose is a cute demonstration of how delicate the newborn is during baby photography. This pose is made with special care by putting the hand of the baby under its chin and tucking its legs under its abdomen. This pose provides the best memory regarding how delicate the newborn was in his early days.  

10. Breastfeeding

Several women keep breastfeeding private but some parents consider breastfeeding as an important part of baby photography. This pose shows the compassion of a mother to feed her child and her love for her newborn. 


Newborn photography is important to capture the memories of the newborn. Cheerful moments, celebrations, and excitement of the addition of a new member to the family are captured forever in the form of pictures. The newborn photoshoot is done in both natural and artificial poses of the baby. The lighting has an important role during the infant photoshoot. Newborn photography can be done in different poses which include lying on the bed, finger in the newborn’s palm, curled pose, yawning and stretches and any other that you love to capture.

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