Princess Diana Dress Makes a Record of $1.1 Million at Auction

Princess Diana Dress Makes a Record of $1.1 Million at Auction

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A dress – an iconic evening gown, first worn by Princess Diana in 1985 was sold during an auction, making records of 1.148 million, 11 times its estimated cost.

A blue and black colour iconic evening gown, designed by Jacques Azagury – a Moroccan-British fashion designer, is now among the most expensive dresses. During auction, the dress smashes the previous record of $604,800, as revealed by the Los Angeles auction house – Julie’s Auctions.

Diana – one of the most beautiful princesses of Wales first wore this black velvet bodice embroidered dress embellished with stars in April 1985 in the Italian city of Florence. Then, in May 1986, in Vancouver, Canada.

The Princess Diana dress was sold along with a matching illustration as a main component of Julien’s Auctions, which ended on Sunday. Another thing which was featured in this auction is the blush-pink chiffon blouse . Diana wore this blouse in 1981 during her engagement ceremony. The blouse was sold for $381,000, four times its estimated cost.

From the fact that her dress sold for a huge amount and breaking all the previous records of the auction, we can say that Diana’s allure is still strong. A fashion critic and expert in the Royal family’s style – Elizabeth Holmes, told the New York Times on Monday that “Diana has remained a fashion icon“.

Princess Diana has always been a symbol of fashion and style. She always had a substantial impact on the clothing and fashion industry. The styles she wore in the 80s and 90s led her to be considered a fashion icon. To what extent are you familiar with her wearing trends or styles and what do you think of her fashion sense, show your thoughts in the comment section.

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