Revamp Your Look with These Must-Try Makeup Trends 2023

makeup trends 2023

Every New Year comes with some resolutions that you mark or decide to change your lifestyle. Have you decided on the targets to achieve more eye-catchy looks in every single event or celebration that you will celebrate in 2023? Well, here we come with the amazing and most-followed makeup trends that are pursuing in 2023.

Makeup has always been considered a form of self-expression. It allows individuals or makeup enthusiasts to showcase their talent and creativity. It may help them to showcase their personality as well. Over a few years, makeup ideas or trends have become more diverse and inclusive. For almost every single season or single event, makeup trends have evolved. This all has become possible because of the advanced ideas proposed by makeup artists. Every year makeup artists come with their amazing and unique styles, offering you different looks compared to previous experiences.

This article is a detailed account of the makeup trends that have evolved in 2023. These trends are adopted by many people, including makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. If you want to get a more eye-catchy look at your next event or celebration, go through the given list of makeup trends 2023, helping you choose the best idea or trend according to your needs.

A list of the must-try makeup trends 2023

1.         Grunge glam

makeup trends 2023: grunge glam makeup

The grunge glum is among the most-followed makeup trends in 2023. This makeup trend combines the elements of grunge and glam rock styles. Usually, the trend consists of smokey dark eyes with mascara and heavy eyeliner. This eye makeup is paired with bold lips in dark or deep shades, such as plum, burgundy, or black. The dark and glamorous look is the basic focus of grunge glam makeup.

The trend of grunge glam is popularized in the 90s. It was the time when grunge fashion and music were at their peaks. Well, the makeup trends revise again and again, as per users’ demands and requirements. In recent years, grunge glam has evolved and you can get a trendy look after applying grunge glam to your next event.

2.         Bold lips

makeup trends 2023: bold lips makeup

This era is considered the golden time of bold lips. In 2023, bold lips are back and they can stand alone. To get a more eye-catchy look, you can pair this trend with groomed brows and clean fresh skin, as suggested by Smith. The bold lips makeup trend involves vivid, bright, and striking colors.

Using intense lip colors helps you grab the trend perfectly. The recommended colors for bold lips may include rich reds, berries, purple, brown, and mauve. Several factors attribute to the popularity of the bold lips trend. For example, adopting bold lips is an easy and quickest way of making statements with less effort. On the other hand, bold lips are versatile and can be used for a variety of settings.

3.         Graphic eyeliner

makeup trends 2023: graphic eyeliner makeup

Are you worried about eye makeup or styles? We have something for you that is trendy in 2023 and will surely make you admirable. Yes! This year of 2023 is all about graphic eyeliner. The graphic eyeliner trend includes creating striking and bold lines by using vibrant shades, colors, or textures, around your eyes. The basic focus of this trend is drawing the attention of the eyes by creating a statement-making and high-impact look.

For graphic eyeliners, it is recommended to use liquid or gel eyeliner, to help you create bold shapes or lines, such as squares, wings, or triangles.

4.         Graphic eyeshadow

makeup trends 2023: graphic eyeshadows makeup

Similar to the graphic eyeliner trends, a graphic eyeshadow trend has also been introduced to provide your eyes with an amazing and eye-catching look. The difference is that in graphic eyeliner we draw lines around the eyes; however, in graphic eyeshadow, we create bold and high-impact shadows around the eyes.

The shadows are applied by using a variety of textures or colors; however, bold and vibrant colors are recommended. This makeup trend has gained much popularity over the last few years and to grab the attention of others, you must try this for your upcoming life events.   

5.         Face embellishment

face embellishment makeup

The face embellishment makeup trend involves creating amazing eye-catching designs on the face by using pearls, rhinestones, and other decorative elements. The trend does not only involve putting decorative elements on your face. Instead, the trend involves putting decorative elements that are matching or are suitable with the makeup you applied on the skin.

Usually, the embellishment is done around the eyes. This trend is not only adopted by fashion or makeup enthusiasts. However, it also comes among the popular celebrity styles, as many celebrities have seen putting decorative elements along with makeup.

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6.         Colored mascara

colored mascara makeup

Applying colored mascara is among the fun and playful makeup trends. A trend is an ideal option for people who desire to add a pop of color to their makeup look. You can choose any color that suits your dress, makeup, or other requirements. However, adding bold and vibrant colors are recommended as they help you get more attention.

The trend of putting colored mascara is not a new thing. Instead, the trend has been ruling for years. It depends that what you like most and how you want to celebrate your next life events. Colored mascara is not only famous among ordinary makeup lovers; however, celebrities have also been seen many times following the same trends.

7.         Underpainting

Underpainting makeup

Underpainting makeup trend has also become the most popular trend. The idea of its popularity we can take from the fact that people are getting engaged with the tutorials that makeup professionals are showing through social media channels. The trend involves using the theory of colors to create a more even and balanced complexion. While underpainting the face, makeup artists apply a base layer of colored makeup to the face. After this, they apply other makeup products.

The trend has become more popular in the last few years. One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of this trend is that it helps you get a more balanced look or complexion.

8.         Next-level lashes

next-level lashes makeup

Bigger eyelashes enhance your overall look or beauty. The trend caught in 2023 is that people are adding next-level lashes, enhancing their facial look. The trend involves adding fake but bold and dramatic lashes that go beyond the traditional volume and length.

Adding extra-level eyelashes will, indeed, create a show-stopping look. It has been seen that people are adding next-level lashes with some bold and colored mascara. It depends on your mood and other makeup looks or styles that what colors you want to apply on these next-level lashes.

9.         The Cat Eye

cat eyes makeup

The cat eyes are classic and timeless trendy looks. The cat eyes are going bolder and getting much fame day after day. Today, with the use of bright colors and more edgy smokiness compared to traditional looks, the cat eye makeup trend is blooming. Liquid or gel eyeliners are used to create lines around the eyes to get amazing cat eye looks.

10.       More Blush

more blush makeup

More blushing face, also known as draping, also comes among the most alluring makeup trends in 2023. The trend is all about putting or adding more blushes on the face, getting a subtle sculpted effect and a natural flush. The trend is not new for makeup lovers or enthusiasts. The trend has been running for years, but for the last few years, the trend has gone more viral. For celebrities, models, and even ordinary fashion or makeup buffs, the trend is valuable.

11.       Monochromatic makeup

monochromatic makeup

The monochromatic makeup trend involves applying or putting the same color, or sometimes the same products on different areas of your skin or face, including cheeks, lips, eyes, and more. With one color or shade throughout your face, you get a charming look. The color of the monochromatic makeup depends on your requirements. You can match the color with your dress or you can also choose some contrasting colors or shades.

12.       Fluffy Eyebrows

fluffy eyebrows trend

Creating or designing your eyebrows is another major part of makeup without which your makeup may not seem perfect. Today, we find a lot of styles and trends used to create or design eyebrows. Here we come with the idea of fluffy eyebrows, as these are trendy in 2023. This trend or style focuses on eyebrows that are fluffy at the starting point with a full arch. However, the brows tapered down to a straight or neat point at the end. Because of its amazing and eye-catchy look, the trend of fluffy eyebrows has become more popular nowadays.


All the given makeup trends are awesome and people are pursuing them wherever they need. All these makeup trends have now been adopted by makeup lovers. As well as this, many celebrities have also been seen with the same makeup trends. If you want to get more versatile and charming looks in 2023, you must try these 2023 makeup trends to revamp your look this year.

What entice you the most, and for now what makeup trend you are going to pursue? Share your thoughts with us.

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