The 18 Best Bridal Shower Gift Ideas To Consider For Brides

bridal shower gift ideas

Have you ever attended a bride shower event, or you are going to attend this event of any of your loved ones and you are planning to gift something useful and precious to her? We have provided everything you should know about the bridal shower and have come up with unique innovative bridal shower gift ideas that can be gifted to a bride-to-be on her special occasion of the bridal shower.

Many historians believe that the bridal shower started the tradition in Belgium in the 16th century when a father refused to give her daughter, a dowry on her marriage which he had disapproved of. Then all the people were gathered to provide the bride-to-be with small gifts that she could use in her future life after getting married.

Therefore, on the occasion of the bridal shower, friends and family members gather to make this occasion of the bride special and provide her with beautiful and cute gifts.

Importance of bridal shower gifts

A bridal shower gift is important as it is the way to shower a bride with a lot of good wishes and love. This shows how much a bride-to-be is important to someone. Several people want to give big gifts on the bridal shower but small gifts should be given on this occasion.

During the bridal shower, people gather at the bride-to-be’s home and arrange different activities which include games, dance, and food. Bridal shower gifts are a way to show love and to show how much a bride is important in your life. These gifts would become a memory to her and you will become alive in her thoughts forever.

Etiquette for the bridal shower gifts

At the bridal shower, no matter if you bring something for the bride-to-be or not only your presence matters a lot. But bringing gifts still would make a good impression on you in front of the bride’s family. Whether you are not close to the bride-to-be, her regular friend, or close one, you should bring a gift according to how much a bride-to-be matters to you. 

If you are not very close to the bride, you should spend at least 30$. If you are a regular friend of her, you should spend 85$ while if you are very close to her, you should spend 150$ to gift a bride-to-be.

Don’t offer the bride-to-be the cash as cash is accepted at the wedding ceremony. Always gift something to her on her bridal shower.

Explore some unique bridal shower gift ideas

Here are some unique bridal shower gift ideas which someone can consider for a bride:

1. Alarm clock

An alarm clock is necessary for married couples because people’s stomachs are not going to be filled with love and intimacy. One has to go to work to provide one’s family, with necessities. Therefore, the alarm clock is the best option for the one to gift a bride at her bridal shower so that she or her husband would not fall asleep when they get late for work.

2. Bathroom towels

For a bridal shower, a towel is a good option because everyone needs a towel. Gifting a towel with personalization shows how much important the wedding of a bride is. The beautiful towels with Mr. and Mrs. tags can be considered a good bride gift.

These towels should be according to the taste of the bride. Therefore, the towels should be in the bride’s favourite colours and good quality. One can also consider shower gowns to gift to the bride and her groom. This will allow the bride to enjoy a sense of fashion before and after taking a shower.

3. Jewelry box

While sleeping in bed or taking a bath, anyone must remove the accessories to become easy and feel relaxed. There is a chance that these accessories and jewelry can make anyone uncomfortable while taking a bath or sleeping in bed.

Gifting the bride a beautiful jewelry box or jewelry dish with a wedding theme will be a good idea, which will help the bride and her groom to hold all their accessories and jewelry while taking a bath or sleeping. Therefore, this jewelry box is the best idea to gift to anyone, who is going to be a bride very soon.

4. Monogrammed or custom mugs

One of the best things to gift your loved one on her bridal shower is monogrammed and custom mugs. These mugs should be of the wedding and bridal themes. These mugs should have the Mr. and Mrs. tags on them and should be gifted in pairs. 

Moreover, these mugs may provide the bride the great feelings regarding getting bound into a beautiful relationship and her intimacy with her husband when she sits with her other half and has a cup of coffee with him.  

5. MR and MRS. wine glass

What if someone wants to gift the bride, a thing which she can enjoy with her groom when they have their private space with no one around? Mr. and Mrs. wine glasses would be the best option.

The glasses should have the name of the bride and groom engraved on them. One, who wants to gift wine glasses should buy a pair. One should choose the design and engrave the names of the bride and groom on it.

6. Cute cookbook

To reach the heart of her husband, a woman has to pass through his taste and stomach. A bride must learn to cook tasty food. If there is taste in the hands of the wife, her husband will love her more.

Therefore, what else would be good for a bride to be gifted at her bridal shower other than a cookbook? A cute cookbook, that provides the recipes of the best tasty foods of the cuisines from all over the world would be one of the best gifts for a bride-to-be.

7. Bride-themed candle

Of course, the Bride-to-be would have some plans regarding her night dates and romantic candle dinners with her future husband. Therefore, one can consider bride-themed candles for a bride-to-be.

A scented candle can also be one of the best gift ideas for a bridal shower day. The bride can have the best scents while having a beautiful romantic candle dinner with her husband after marriage. These scented candles should have Mr. and Mrs. labels on them which provides the couple, a sense of significance in their relationship.

8. Memory scrapbook

A memory scrapbook can also be a good bridal shower gift idea as it would help her to keep all the beautiful moments saved. This memory scrapbook should be in the favorite colors of the bride and should have all the designs that fascinate the bride.

9. Paper pop-up wish cards

One can consider a paper pop-up wishing cards to the bride on her shower day. These paper pop-up wishing cards should be in the form of a bouquet. Instead of gifting the real flower bouquet which is used for a small period, one can gift this paper pop-up bouquet wishing cards which the bride-to-be can hold on her bookshelf.

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10. Wedding-themed wall print

Wedding-themed wall prints can be an important gift. There should be a thing for the bride and groom that reminds them about their love story when they look at it.  These wedding wall prints should be able to be installed on the wall of the bride’s room which acts as an aesthetic décor.

11. Customized bag

One can gift a bride a customized bag, on which a customized label or design is made. This will allow the bride to keep her valuable things in it.

12. Cutting board with name of bride engraved on it

The bride always needs a cutting board after her wedding. Therefore, the idea of gifting her a beautiful cutting board, made of premium wood, can also be listed among the best bridal shower gift ideas. This cutting board should have the name of the bride, engraved on it. This cutting board should be handy and should be easy to handle.

13. A date night subscription box

After the wedding, the bride will plan the night’s dates with her husband. They both will have fun with each other while watching movies and having their private space with each other. Therefore, they should have all the stuff like snacks, juices, and sweets with them.

For this, a date night subscription box is a unique idea to be gifted to a bride. This subscription box should have a label with the names of both the bride and groom. This would always ensure a bride has all the things with her while having a fun time with her husband so that she does not have to leave her husband for anything.

14. Heart necklace

What if the bride always wants to remember her husband and his love for her? There should be a thing that would remind her about the love of her life. A heart necklace is indeed a good option for someone to gift a bride on her bridal shower day.

This heart necklace should have two segments – one segment should contain her husband’s photo and the other one should contain the bride’s picture. This gift will always be attired on the bride’s neck, enhancing her beauty and her love for her intimate love.

15. Kitchen gadgets

Kitchen gadgets are a necessity of every kitchen and are used widely. Therefore, kitchen gadgets can be a unique gift for a bride on her bridal shower. Kitchen gadgets like food processors, blenders, and air fryers are the basic tools to be used in the kitchen. These gadgets can be used for a long time and are useful for brides instead of short-term aesthetic use.

16. Beauty products kits

Bride is going to live her all life with her husband. Therefore, she has to give her pleasure physically, sexually, and emotionally. Brides maintain their beauty and aesthetics for their husbands and, therefore, they have to use beauty products to look beautiful in front of their husbands.

Gifting a beauty products kit is a good idea to gift a bride at her bridal shower. These beauty product kits should include all the things used in beauty treatment like vitamin C serum and body butter to make the skin glow, and skin care products to fight acne, dark spots, and other issues.

17. Perfumes and scents

Perfumes and scents are the most common gifts that are gifted to a bride on her bridal shower day. These scents would help a bride to remember the one who gifted these scents to her. 

These perfumes should be according to the taste of the bride and should provide a sense of pleasure to her. One can also gift a bride a set of two, which includes the scents for both the bride and her husband.

18. Video bell door

One can gift a bride-to-be a beautiful video bell door. The married couple would like to have a video bell door installed in their home. This video bell door would help them to talk to each other and listen to each other in front of the door while this video bell door would help ensure the security of their house.


A bridal shower is an occasion where all the family and friends gather to arrange special activities to shower the bride with good wishes, congratulations, and gifts. Bridal gifts are an important element on this occasion as one should show the bride how much significance she has in one’s life. Several things are listed among the best bridal shower gift ideas, including home gadgets, kitchen goods, decoration pieces, and beauty products. Therefore, one should take time to decide on a gift for the bride-to-be and should gift her things according to her taste.

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