What are the Benefits of Compression Socks for Pregnancy

compression socks for pregnancy
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Being pregnant is a moment of joy for every woman, who is going to bring her child to this world. Women wait for about 9 months just to look at their babies and to hold them in their hands. But this period is not that much easy and comfortable.

Women have a lot of body changes due to the extra weight they carry and due to Hormonal changes. Backache, Ankle pain, Swollen feet, decreased mobility, and Spider veins are common signs during pregnancy.

There is a way to alleviate these sorts of issues by using Compression socks. Compression socks for pregnancy are easily available in Markets at very reasonable prices and they will alleviate all the signs and pains, a mother-to-be faces during her period of Pregnancy.

What are Compression Socks?

During Pregnancy, women have to face several complex signs and symptoms. One of the main abnormal signs is edema and swelling around the foot and ankle.

It is necessary to decrease this edema and swelling around the foot otherwise, there is a chance of infectious bacterial growth in the region of swelling. This is Why, we use the compression stocking around the lower extremities.

Compression Stockings are a type of socks, which are wrapped around the region of edema in the upper or lower extremities in order to decrease edema and swelling and to relax the muscles.

Why wear compression socks for pregnancy?

If you are a “mother to be” or planning to conceive, you should know about the consequences, you are going to face during the time of pregnancy and you should know why wear compression socks and why they are necessary for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the volume of the blood increases by 50% which can lead to the dilation of veins in the lower limbs, which leads to the formation of edema around the leads and foot.

Similarly, the babies put force against the pelvis of the mother, which can lead to ceasing the flow of the blood upward.

Therefore, while being pregnant, it is necessary for women to take care of their vascular health and prevent themselves from swelling as the swelling in the lower extremities can lead to infection. By applying compression socks, women would see how much their quality of life improves during pregnancy.

When it is suitable to wear compression socks for pregnancy?

Compression stockings would hug the region where swelling is present and therefore, it would apply pressure at the region of swelling and it would cause relaxation of muscles and improve the flow of blood within these extremities. It can be used anytime and anywhere.

If any female is travelling around, she will find compression stockings very beneficial because it will improve blood flow and decrease the chance of the formation of blood clots.

Several health care experts are against the use of compression stockings during sleep because these stockings usually act like a tourniquet and it would harmfully act on the blood flow during sleep.

compression socks for pregnancy
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Benefits of compression socks for pregnancy

As mentioned before compression stockings prevent complex conditions during pregnancy, there are further benefits of compression socks which are given below:

1. Reduce swelling in lower limbs

In Pregnancy, the blood volume of women increases by 50% of the total body fluid. This excessive fluid starts accumulating in the lower extremities like ankles and feet.

Compression socks would apply compression in the region of swelling, which would decrease the swelling and would be beneficial because it would prevent the infection.

Recent studies have shown that 60% of women have found the use of compression socks beneficial and effective in order to reduce edema and swelling.

2.    Alleviate pain and discomfort

Pregnant women often felt discomfort, pain and heaviness in the lower extremities. Sometimes, it becomes so much more difficult for them to walk.

These symptoms are usually due to the accumulation of fluids in the lower limbs and by dealing with edema and swelling, the pain and discomfort would be automatically alleviated.

By using compression stockings, women would feel relieved and comforted as the pressure on the ankle and feet would be decreased.

3.    Prevention of Varicose Veins

Varicose Vein is the condition in which the valves within the veins, which prevent the backflow of the blood, become unable to do work properly, therefore, the blood never ascends from the legs and veins within the legs become swollen and enlarged, giving the manifestation of blue spider’s web.

Wearing the best compression stocking for women can decrease the chance of Varicose veins and it would improve blood circulation.

4.    Decrease the risks of blood clotting

Wearing compression socks for women is beneficial for decreasing the chance of blood being clotted inside the vessels. With the application of compression stockings, blood circulation would be improved which ultimately prevents the chance of blood clotting.

5.    Helpful in Tackling conditions like nausea and vomiting

Pregnant women have to face conditions like nausea and vomiting. Compression stockings for women are found helpful in the management of these conditions. It can also help manage the dizziness.

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Factors to consider before choosing compression socks for pregnancy

Several factors should be noted during making the choice regarding compression socks for women. Remember that size, pressure level, and even practicality, everything matters when choosing or wearing compression socks for pregnancy.

1. Size

Usually, compression stocks are available in the size of regular socks and pantyhose. They are available in small, medium, large and even extra-large sizes.

2. Pressure Level

You must choose compression socks that can apply gentle pressure around the ankle and legs. These should not be so much tight that they start itching or making the pregnant women uncomfortable.

On the basis of pressure, the compression stockings are divided into 3 types:

  • Light compression (10-20mmHg pressure) which improves circulation and decreases fatigue.
  • Medium compression (20-30mmHg pressure) which decreases swelling and pain along with the improvement of circulation.
  • Heavy compression (25-35mmHg pressure): These are used according to the advice of the doctor.

3. Practicality

Women can apply compression stocking like socks and pantyhose. They can choose the design and type according to their own ease and comfort.

4. Composition

Compression stockings are made of nylon blend. Several stockings are made of wool which would be best in winter season.


During pregnancy, women face a lot of changes in their bodies and face a lot of abnormal symptoms, which need to be addressed carefully. Wearing Compression socks for pregnancy prevents the symptoms of swelling, pain, vomiting, dizziness and blood clotting.

Compression socks are beneficial for reducing the symptoms and they would alleviate pain. The best stockings for women would be chosen according to their ease and comfort.

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